Saturday November 22 , 2014
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Stepping Stone Farms

Up And Coming Attractions


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Veterans Newsline paid a visit to the farm and posted this video blog


SSF School of Horsemanship Brochure

Stepping Stone School of Horsemanship is staffed with dedicated, hard-working professionals and volunteers.

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For Our Veterans

What is the Veterans Equine Assisted Therapy Program?

Equine assisted psychotherapy is an emerging form of therapeutic intervention in which horses are used as tools for clients to gain self-understanding and emotional growth.

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Letter of Appeal

This is a picture of one of our Tennessee Walking Horses. When purchased at auction we were told that she had been in an accident. Her orbital bone (in her skull) was crushed & her pelvis had been fractured, still she is a favorite here at the farm...

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Recycled Feed Bags

The mission of T-Oats is to help feed and care for rescued horses and assist in making the healing connection between humans and horses.

Whether it is to feed and care for rescued horses or to help make a connection between humans and horses who need "healing", our goal is to help facilitate that connection through the sale of T-Oats (totes). Creating multi-use shopping bags/totes from feed bags also keeps #5 recycle plastic bags out of the landfills or off of burn piles . . . an added environmental benefit!


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Please do not bring dogs to the farm.