Corporate Program Overview

A Unique and Interactive Corporate Program

Corporate programs held indoors can sometimes be stale and uninspiring. Participants often sit for hours, filling out flip charts and staring at walled in spaces. That will not be the experience with Stepping Stone Farms Corporate Program.

All of the limitations of an indoor, traditional setting are lifted the moment you step into our arena and begin the morning activities with three horses trotting around. Ours is a program where people learn about themselves and others through their interaction with horses. Working with these large animals and alongside your co-workers to accomplish assignments requires a unique sort of focus, which allows greater retention of knowledge, more learning opportunities, and deeper insights into interpersonal work.

These are not horsemanship or riding programs. Stepping Stone Farms Corporate Program is about problem solving, communication, critical thinking, teamwork, managing success and failure, self-expiration, and recognizing responses to the unknown.




How Stepping Stone Farms’ Program Differs from Other Programs (Besides the horses.)

Horsemanship and working with large prey animals is not the “normal daily routine” for most people. With only 2% of the U.S. population living in a rural community, our program offers a learning environment that typical corporate programs do not, including:

  • Putting participants in a situation that is not familiar. This forces people to step out of their comfort zone, which can lead to higher learning, deeper awareness of the factors that play into personal and group dynamics, and a greater understanding of the barriers that limit teamwork and communication.

  • Reconnecting with nature and a part of ourselves that is lost among copy machines, computers, cell phones, board rooms, in boxes, and rush-hour traffic.

  • Working with intelligent prey animals is a research-established, effective means for training and self-exploration. Our one-of-a-kind program puts humans and horses together in an interactive setting that creates an exceptional sounding board for self-awareness, team building and personal growth.




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