Lia Sader - Stepping Stone Farms Executive Director

Lia Sader, consummate equestrian and founder of Stepping Stone Farms, says that riding a horse, “Is like doing 23 things at once.” Multi-tasking is how Lia lives her life. From caring for sick horses at 2:00 a.m., to leading workshops for inner-city youth, to teaching appropriate horsemanship skills, to speaking at conferences, to shoveling horse apples, Lia does all this and more. (Coffee and adrenaline help.) She is a well-respected local farrier, trainer and member of the American Riding Instructor Association, and an EAGALA certified Equine Specialist. Lia has devised the programs at Stepping Stone Farms that address and embrace a long-standing community need of reaching out to at-risk youth. She served on the board of the Wisconsin Walking Horse Association and is a former Upper Midwest Horseshoers Association board member. Lia’s life work is dedicated to saving horses and people through explorations of equine-human interactions.

Julie Henszey

Julie is an executive coach, facilitator and outdoor adventure guide. She is the kind of person who travels to Tanzania by herself to climb Africa’s tallest mountain and who has a goal of completing 100 triathlons in twenty years. She believes that we all have the ability and time to take action on our most cherished goals, needs, and wishes – no matter where we’re starting from. Julie’s passion for empowering others and her ability to engage an audience make her a dynamic speaker and program facilitator. Her stories create learning moments and she presents powerful strategies and tools that can launch individuals further down their desired path. Julie is a member of the International Coach Federation and holds a professional credential as an Associate Certified Coach.

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