Why Equine-Assisted Learning

  • Horses mirror human emotions and feelings. They will move away from those who are angry, move toward those who are calm, and feel tension with those who are uncertain. This can often assist in allowing participants to gain a new perspective on their thoughts or feelings, and so work on them.

  • People have conscious and unconscious patterns of interacting with others. While horses do not speak in human language, they are still excellent communicators. Through working with horses in the Stepping Stone Farms Corporate Program, participants learn how others function in the world and the way their actions impact others.

  • Participants in our program build confidence in their ability to overcome challenges. People who are intimidated and nervous at first may be surprised to discover how quickly they process those feelings and develop a sense of calm around the horse. Empowered by the experience, people often develop the confidence to address personal challenges and transfer these lessons to day-to-day life.

  • Trust. Earning it and giving it is not always easy. Many people have trouble asking for or accepting help when needed. They fear being judged. When people open themselves up to trust, they grow in their ability to build relationships and to ask for and give help when needed. Horses can assist people in exploring situations that either limit or facilitate trust and learning more effective responses.

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