Would you like to get involved? Why not become a volunteer at Stepping Stone Farms?

The farm thrives because of our awesome volunteers and our programs depend on them. We are always looking for reliable volunteers to help with horses, lessons, various groups, camps and other projects. We ask for a commitment of at least one shift per week so that you can better learn our horses and procedures. It is very important that you honor your commitment. If you are helping with a special needs rider, the last thing we want to tell them is that they cannot ride because a volunteer failed to show. Riders eagerly look forward to their lessons and gain far more from them than we can imagine.

If horses aren’t your thing but you want to get out of the house, we can use people to help with farm maintenance, such as fixing fences, cutting grass, trimming trees, unloading hay, fixing farm equipment, etc. We can help you stay busy for as long as you like!

Farms are outdoors so you will have to be adaptable to weather (yes, you will still need to come if it rains/snows, the animals still need to be fed), temperatures, bugs and smells. Farms tend to be places where you get dirty so don’t wear clothes you will worry about. WORK gloves (leather or cotton, without lining) and muck boots are a good idea.

What might you do at the farm?

  • Feed horses

  • Turnout or bring in horses

  • Cleaning stalls/water buckets

  • Filling water troughs/buckets

  • Haying stalls and paddocks

  • Rebedding stalls

  • Setting up feed for the next shift

  • Some shifts may help with lessons or groups

  • Unloading/Stacking hay when necessary

  • Fixing fences, as needed

  • Other chores as dictated by the season

The morning shift starts at 8:30 am Sunday - Friday. Saturdays begin at 8:00am. The evening shift start time varies by season. We are currently starting at 6:00pm and will be at this start time until the fall.

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