In addition to our coaching programs, Stepping Stone Farms is a fully operational lesson facility. Participate in one of our existing programs or work with us to tailor an experience that addresses your specific needs!

Horsemanship Classes/Riding: There is so much more to horses than just riding. The Stepping Stone Farms staff has years of experience with horses and we love nothing better than to share our knowledge. Horsemanship can be as structured as a group or individual. We offer lessons for tiny tots, those seeking to enter the show arena or anyone wanting to learn to drive. Lessons are usually given one-on-one, but small groups can be accommodated. Private lessons are available by appointment.


Girl Scouts: Stepping Stone Farms is an approved Girl Scout riding facility. We welcome troops of  all ages. This is usually a two and a half hour session where the scouts will learn about horses and horsemanship. This is not just a riding event. In addition to riding and learning about horses, scouts may help with feeding, turning out or bringing in horses, chores or any other jobs that may need to be done. They will learn how to handle a horse as well as assist with grooming and tacking. Please contact the Farm for session availability and pricing.

Small Groups: Stepping Stone Farms can accommodate many types of small groups. These could be groups from schools, churches, or other organized groups. These services can be tailored based on the type of group. We have served groups of at-risk students, honors students, veteran groups, physically and mentally challenged individuals, abused children and adults and the LGBTQ+ community. We welcome groups of any type and will help provide the services you are looking for.

Women Taking the Reins: Whether you grew up with horses or have never had the experience of interacting with one of these majestic animals, you’ll want to participate in Stepping Stone Farms School of Horsemanship retreat, Women Taking the Reins. This runs over three consecutive evenings. Each evening we’ll do ground work with horses, including grooming, the process of tacking (saddling/bridling), and eventually get some time in the saddle. We’ll also just spend time learning how to read and understand horse behavior, which will also tell us a lot about ourselves. You’ll definitely discover your inner cowgirl. The final evening closes with a celebration of what we've learned, refreshments and chocolates! Watch for this year's dates on our "Events" page.

Brush Up Your Inner Cowpoke: Want to spend some quality time pampering our equine friends? Here’s your opportunity to give them all the love and attention they deserve. Spend an hour with one of our deserving horses. Learn how to properly groom and tend to a horse. For a $20 donation you’ll learn plenty about horsemanship and proper horse care. And our horses will get some extra love!

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