Stepping Stone Farms School of Horsemanship is an experiential learning and therapeutic resource for individuals, families, schools, businesses and mental health professionals. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to foster resilience, responsibility and self esteem in at-risk youth and others by allowing participants to experience the healing power of horses.

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Stepping Stone Farms School of Horsemanship is a quiet gem in the support of veterans and individuals with disabilities. Staff members build on the skills of the rider to encourage additional rider ability. This program has limited the need to use a wheelchair and given greater mobility in daily life. The best day of the week is ride day at the Farm.
— Betty L., Client

What We offer

⦁    Horsemanship
⦁    Therapeutic Horsemanship
⦁    Stable Management
⦁    Riding / Riding Styles

⦁    Adaptive Riding
⦁    Driving
⦁    Grooming
⦁    Competitive Horse Showing

Participate in one of our existing programs or work with us to tailor an experience that addresses your specific needs! We offer many other opportunities to interact with horses as well. Stepping Stone Farms is a fully operational lesson facility.