Our programs depend largely on the kindness and donations of others, and that includes our volunteers!  As a working farm there are always things that can be donated that will help us help the animals and our clients.  Check out the Wish List below for items that we happily accept as donations. Our Donate button below can be used for monetary donations to help us with vet bills, hay, horse feed and other expenses to keep our horses happy and healthy.  All donations are greatly appreciated.


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Join the Stepping Stone Farms School of Horsemanship shopfunding campaign! This is a fun and easy way to save money effortlessly and support us at the same time. That’s because we’ve partnered with Goodshop to donate a portion of each purchase back to our cause -- from See’s Candy to Reebok to Dell! Check out Goodshop, and help support Stepping Stone Farms School of Horsemanship in our mission to foster resilience, responsibility and self esteem in at-risk youth and others by experiencing the healing power of horses, today!


In-kind donations of goods helps to offset the Farm's operating budget by supplying needed materials from generous donors.  You can help us by purchasing any of the following.  All donations are GREATLY appreciated!

  • Purina Senior Active Horse feed

  • Weight Builder (Farnams)

  • Joint Supplements- MSM/Glucosamine (please nothing with yucca)

  • Fly masks with ears

  • Fly sprays (water based)

  • Equine Aspirin (Fleet Farm, Tractor Supply Co.)

  • Hoof Heal (hoof dressing)

  • Neosporin (great for horse wounds too!)

  • Manure forks/picks-plastic please

  • Collapsible blanket bars (for stall doors)

  • Rainbow reins –

  • Sinking tank heaters with cage

  • Plain kitchen brooms

  • Size 68/69 waterproof, medium weight, horse blankets

  • Big Bale Buddy- XL (these are half price for rescues and we are registered!)

  • Dejno’s Pelleted horse bedding

  • Dry Cat food (any brand)

  • Chicken layer crumbles(16%) 40lb bag

  • Duct tape

  • Eye bolts

  • Solar lights (Outdoor use)

  • Round panel fencing

  • Gates

If you would like us to pick these items up, we would be more than happy to!  Please call to make arrangements.